Army husband returned home from deployment to a wife he can't recognize

Published on  MAY 5th, 2021 | Written by Manon Correa, senior editor

U.S. Army Peter Warner and his wife often months apart due to his deployment. Happily married with two kids, His wife Jenny's second pregnancy got her size doubled up. Despite that, Peter has continued to be a very loving and encouraging husband.

While Peter was away on another deployment one day, Jenny collapsed at home.

“I remember it like it happened yesterday."

"After putting my kids to bed, I started prepping for tomorrow’s breakfast."

"The moment I grabbed hold of the knife, my vision went blurry for a split second."

"The sight of my kitchen quickly turned upside down before I passed out completely on the floor.”

“There was no one to help me out. I lied unconscious for over 6 hours!"

"I could’ve been dead right there and then if not for my neighbor who found me and called 911.”

“At the hospital, doctors told me I was too ‘heavy’ and almost had a stroke."

"To make matters worse, because I was too big for the hospital bed, they struggled to transfer me in and out of ICU.”

“I was warned to lose my weight or face an early death. And he wasn’t joking!” - Jenny

The distressing episode soon broke out to Peter. They both agreed that this should serve as a wake-up call. And for the sake of their young family, she was determined to go on a dieting spree.

Jenny tried various dieting method. She tried Keto Diet, Weight Watchers, Medifast, and etc. As well as many so-called natural supplements that nutritionist introduced.

“Then I turned to workout classes as well... but NOTHING WORKED!”

"Time is running, Peter will be finishing his 1 year's deployment soon. I need to work on something so I can give him a huge surprise upon his return."

"Surgical procedures was my last resort but I simply cannot afford those." - Jenny

She found a solution for all these!

Jenny never gave up looking for the best solution. Peter who was still in deployment, were both happy and worried about Jenny's condition. He wouldn't want his wife to overdo and hurt herself. 

Fast forward to the day Peter came back from his deployment. Peter did not see Jenny in the hall, so he started to search around until he heard someone called out his name. It was Jenny. Peter was surprised as she looks like a totally different person! He ran towards Jenny and gave her the biggest, longest hug ever. 

Jenny had been keeping her success from Peter. All he knew was that his wife was in the midst of giving up after several tries with many different methods. Thinking Jenny had went for her "last resort", out of curiosity, Peter asked Jenny how much was spent. Jenny told Peter she only spent less than a hundred to be her figure now.

Now that Jenny turned back to her normal size, she is able to enjoy her healthy life. She even started to eat without worries, which surprised Peter. 

Peter also found out that Jenny did not work out or do other exercises at all. However her size is not getting any bigger. This raised a lot of questions in Peter's mind.

The secret behind the weight loss

One night before sleeping, Peter finally noticed the secret behind Jenny's size shedding. 

Jenny put on a sticky pad on her belly. When Peter asked further, Jenny explained that the patch she was using is the key to her success. Jenny then told Peter the whole incident of how she managed to tone down her size. 

Jenny attended a high school gathering and was surprised by her bestie, Megan. Megan used to be the same size as Jenny due to her hormone imbalance issue, but now she is half of Jenny's size. Everyone was eager to know her secret, believing that she must have done "a lot". Megan then plucked a tiny patch out from underneath her shirt and went on to reveal:

“Here’s my little secret – ReSize™ Detox Patch! My pharmaceutical friend introduced this to me."

"It’s super simple to use too."

"Just stick it over the navel or other desired areas like hips, thighs, underarms and let the effect take place!”

She further explained that this little patch is infused with the goodness of active herbs, maximizing inch loss quickly by breaking down the storage of fats. The advanced transdermal technology helps stimulate lipid metabolism to effectively remove impurities from our body and intestine, thus users will feel no more gassiness and swelling. 

Other key ingredients such as Capsaicin helps to reduce cellulite while Salicornia Herbacea works as an antioxidant to hydrate our skin. It’s also botanically-based, so everyone can use it safely. For optimal results, just apply one patch per day for 8 to 12 hours.

Jenny was amazed by Megan’s success story but felt it was too good to be true. However, out of choice, Jenny started using it with a lingering sense of doubt.

But incredibly, her size soon started to shed. In just one week, she manage to cut off 1 dress size. In just 2 months, Jenny now enjoy wearing her favourite Small size dress!

ReSize™ Detox Patch's effectiveness has been shown on many too.

“I was so happy Jenny found ReSize™ Detox Patch. It didn’t just change her life. It saved her life!”

“Though I've never cared about appearance, but she knew how pleased I was with her body now.”

Not only Jenny became healthier, she also gained back her self-confidence. 

The town they are living was having the yearly town Mommy Pageant competition. Peter even persuaded Jenny to joined the competition. Jenny managed to outrun the town's youngest Mom, and became the champion. She shared her story to the others in town, hoping to help the whole town to get rid of obesity.

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As what Jenny mentioned to others,

"If there is a will, there must be a way."

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