Boy with angelic voice's fight against autism with the help of something unexpected

Published on JUNE 2ND, 2021 | Written by Olivia Cisneros, senior editor

This boy was diagnosed with Autism. This caused him to not be able to learn things like other kids, and he could not speak a complete sentence, not to mention communicate. But now, he is known for his "Voice from the Angels".

His improvement speed of Autism symptoms has stunned the world. Jacob was being healthy and normal when he was born. No one had ever expected he would be diagnosed with Autism. His mom first smells a rat when she realised that Jacob learns a lot slower than other kids. At the age of 2, Jacob would not learn to speak a single word. He is only able to express through crying and screaming. 

At the age of 3, Jacob started to have some disturbing gestures, like fingers biting until little fingers bleed repeatedly. One time Jacob even shouted and cried continuously when a neighbour tried to carry him. She knew that something went wrong.

"We sent Jacob to the hospital, and we received bad news."

"Doctor told us it was Autism, which caused the unusual behaviours."

"the repeated actions like fingers biting were due to the RBS-R symptom from Autism."

"He was normal to us until we saw these signs,"

"I am such a negligent mother"

The origins of a choir legend

Jacob's mother had been self-blaming. She was told that Autism can't be cured, but they can learn to reduce the symptoms and improve their social ability. His mom refused to give up on Jacob. Without further option, they sent Jacob for special education. She also poured her soul into finding a way to aid her son on top of special education school learning, she also took him for Play Therapy, Emotional Competency Training, and Speech Therapy, but nothing worked.

"There was one day I was playing church songs"

"Jacob became really calm and stay to listen the whole song"

"It seems to attract his interest"

"I remembered doctor told us Autism individuals will show unique talent"

"or sometimes unusual ability, and this would be it!"

Jacob's mom started to play choir music at home. Surprisingly Jacob's doctor found that Jacob showed signs of improvement. So Jacob's mom brought him to church and joined other kids to learn choir. Jacob was picking music up with amazing speed.

"Jacob is an extremely bright boy and such a pleasure to teach"

"He was so passionate for music" - Mr. Francis, choir teacher

it was verscent™

Jacob's mom was in tears watching how well Jacob improved. Jacob was even able to perform in front of crowdwithout being discouraged by Autism symptoms. What even better is some symptoms of Autism slowly disappeared! In search for answers, Jacob's mom took him to see his doctor. Doctor was impressed by Jacob's progress! Out of his depths, he referred Jacob to a pediatric neurologist. 

Dr Sandra is the best in this field, having more than 20 years experience. Initially, she suspected church music stimulated his special abilities. However after a house visit, Dr Sandra was astonished to find out the real culprit. It was the scent of Vetiver. Jacob's mom became interested to Vetiver smells and diffused it in their living room. 

She did not realise it was the time when she start using Verscent™. Jacob showed signs of improvement.

"Scent is the most effective way to stimulate the brain"

"A typical scent triggers up to 187 olfactory receptors"

"True enough, Verscent™ unique scent can trigger up to 565 olfactory receptors"

"What's more, it has the ability to reach the brain in less than 15 seconds!"

"Imagine bypassing a congested road"

"Verscent™ can help create efficient traffic in the frontal lobes"

"making it more effective than usual medication or treatment"

"Vetiver works as the main ingredient that helped in Jacob's case"

"It helps to calm mind, sooth emotion and improve concentration and improve development"- Dr Sandra

Jacob was quickly put on a clinical trial with Verscent™. Incredibly Dr Sandra found that in just a week, Jacob shows more improvement and reduced more symptoms!

"Scientists have always believed that our brain ability is determined by age 5"

"But our clinical trial with Verscent™ has brought a startling new understanding"

"with intensive olfactory stimulation"

"It is possible to boost brain performance at all ages" - Dr Sandra

"I thought it was church songs that helped Jacob"

"But it was the scent of Verscent™ all along!" - mom

With the help of Verscent, Jacob then became one of the youngest chorister in town.

The amazing change

He has been performing throughout the town, and at 8, he performed in front of the world. Even though his stage performance was only meowing in rhythm, his story touched many hearts, Especially his mom.

"Speaking is still something Jacob still learning"

"But his singing is the most beautiful thing we had seen in the world"

"I am so proud of my son."

After all the efforts with the help of Verscent™, Jacob now can speak simple sentences, and would not emotionally break down to strangers.

"I love you mommy"

This is the most lovely words Jacob's mom ever wanted to hear and finally heard.

Mysteries solved

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